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25 Aug 2018
Animal-Rights March
Photos and Videos

Name of School: Windhoek International School

Address: Namibia

Date: Dec 4, 2014

Average number of attendees: 11

School 02

Pamela (Assistant Lecturer)

Vegan Cookie for students

Video (15 minutes):

The students were all very receptive and attentive. Most gave very horrified looks of disbelief as they listened to the facts. I noticed them really enjoyed Pamela and even asked to hold and stroke her. And they also really enjoyed the vegan cupcakes I brought along.

Lecturer (Savannah), talking about crtimes against animals by (corpse eaters and farmers)

Cows, Chickens, Fish, Pigs, Ducks, Sheep and other animals (50 billion a year) are

Being Murdered.

Butchers and corpse eaters are sharing the crime equally.