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Pig Rescue Project
25 Aug 2018
Animal-Rights March
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This is Princess Elizabeth II of Wales. Her present living conditions is unacceptable.


  • Rescue her and her brothers and sisters (others pigs and other animals)
  • Find an acceptable home for them
  • Put money in their own bank account and take them to a sanctuary
  • Make sure for the rest of their lives they live happy and healthy by financing operations of the sanctuary


  • Our business supports this pig project until it is running a sustainable process
  • We provide the seed capital for the pig business and raise capital for its next expansion phase
  • You continue the operations helping pigs and other animals

We are hiring

People who love animals join our team. There are hundreds of tasks to do before Elizabeth and her friends find a nice home. Both volunteers and paid workers are required.

Posting pictures on nonsense social media is NOT animal activist action.

It is a useless placebo. It is self-deception.

If you want to do a Real Action to help Animals, contact us now.

Email: Ravan.Brahma.Rakshas.2 AT gmail DOT com

Phone: 022 60 65 671




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