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25 Aug 2018
Animal-Rights March
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Vegetarians have taken one step up in the right direction by ending consumption of rotten corpse of murdered animals. Unfortunately, if they drink milk or dairy products they are still contributing to animals suffering and pain. Law of Karma (Universal law of Action and Reaction) will bring disharmony to their life as a direct consequence. Recognize suffering of animals. Do not cause pain and death for other animals. Go Vegan.

One must learn that animals are not our commodities to buy or sell what they produce. Eggs belong to hens.  Male baby chicks are grinded alive due to the egg industry. Do not consume disgusting eggs. Do you collect the monthy released eggs of female human animals and eat them? It is disgustiung. Egg of a female hen animal is exactly the same. Go Vegan.

Vegetarians, extend your kindness by ending animal cruelty. Cow mothers produce milk for their babies, not for humans. Identify with mothers of children. Dont Steal milk from mother cow. Go Vegan.

Vegans kill cages. Go Vegan.

Dairy products harm innocent Animals. Cows are suffering. They are locked in cages. Male babies are violently stolen from their mothers and placed in grinding machines alive. This is an unimaginable violent and painful death. Stop contributing to Animal suffering. Go Vegan.

Mother cows are inseminated by horrible methods to keep breeding cows that are used for dairy industry. This is a direct violation of their body. Vegetarians face the hard truth of where your milk and dairy products come from.

This is a picture of misery for cows. Take responsibility for their suffering if you eat animals or dairy.

These are horrific crimes towards Animals. We must all create empathy for other Animals. They are our brothers and sisters. Do not contribute to these violent acts. Rise for justice. Go Vegan.