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800 Pages Animal Rights Manifesto

25 Aug 2018
Animal-Rights March
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The Creator of Universes said:

"All animals, sheep, cow, fish, human, pig, cockroach, chicken, dog, cat ... have the same equal legal rights."

Vegan Activist Action

We make presentations in schools to teach these facts:

Vegan Means JUSTICE.

  • Vegan is not about food.
  • Vegan is not about saving the Earth. You are weak and insignificant. You can not hurt or save the Eerth.
  • Vegan is not about your selfish health.

Vegan Means JUSTICE.

  • Justice for Animals
  • Become Vegan
  • Become a descent human. Be friend of other animals

You do the same. Make presentations for schools. It is effective. Send us photos. Ve will add it to the website.

Contact Us to receive help, documents and slides to use in your school presentations.


New Religion of God for Animal Rights and Justice


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