Vegan Earth
(2018 Genocide) - (2019 Vegan Earth)

The Unity, the Creator of the Universes, Earth and all in between, God of Abraham, David, Solomon, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad, the God the Father, Adonai, Jahweh, Allah, Ahura Mazda, Dao, Narayan, Bhagavan, Vishnu, the Existence as a whole, the Unified string filed of consciousness that rules the 11 dimensions of the known space-time in this Universe and limitless unknown material and non-material other Universes, (All are ONE). It decided. It is written. It is done.

Justice will be enforced on the Earth as follows. Two miracles and one global execution.

1- 19 June 2018 all butchers all over the world, 12 noon (Greenwich) will die painless quick.

2- 57 days after that, all hunters who have not been Vegan for the past 42 days, will die as above.

3- 114 days after that, all humans who have not been Vegan for the past 42 days will die, as above.

Present estimation 5 billion.

4- Surviving Vegans will have some tough time dealing with emotional traumas, the dead, economical, production, workforce and chaos. Free large scale global expert psychological counseling will be provided. They will survive, pro-create and fill the earth again.

A VEGAN EARTH. kindness is the rule

An Earth with one law above all other laws, enforced in all governments that Vegans will establish themselves.

Global Equal Legal Rights for all human and non-human animals.
Court, Evidence, death penalty. We ensure its enforcement for one human generation
then we will leave the Earth.

Behold the miracles. Learn. Become Vegan. Become kind. Survive.

Else, you will be dead in those dates and as a gift of the God will get the chance to be reborn again and again. . . in a Vegan kind world.

It is decided. It is done.

Wish you happiness
the Moses

01 Nov 2012

For you and your sheep, cow, chicken, horse, camel,... fish and pig friends little guy, who are being tortured and killed in concentration camps. WE WLL KILL 5 billion non-vegan humans. So they do not dream about repeating this INJUSTICE ever again.

For those ALIVE yellow chickes who were grinded alive grinded in machines

For those bunnies who were skinned ALIVE - SKINNED ALIVE.

I will send these parasites - all non-vegan human animals - to HELL



painful / quick death now

becasue I have mercy on VEGANS whom I keep

I do not want them see suffering of these parasites now.


I keep these parasites in HELL for 3 centuries.

They beleive it EXISTS when they are there, and see it, and be burned again and again and again ...

Re-incarnation is a GIFT.

I do NOT give them that gift, until I torturte them enough in HELL.

This is
Promise of
Narayan, Jahweh, Allah, God, Unity
The Creator of Universes
Behold My Anger
It is decided. It is done

Exactly on that time, read the times above.

We do it for you little animal.


Another alternative exists NOT.


Vegan Earth

We will use our own distributed communication network, no FB, no Twitter, no one else.

This is war of KINDNESS against DARKNESS.

We will never ask any information from you.

We are NOT collecting (like) or (fan) or (followers).

This is an organization to Organize / Unite / Peacefully millions of self-sufficient cells around the globe to be ready for Vegan Earth.

We will NOT start a war. Not necessary. IT will be done as above.

Blood shed is enough. War is bringing KINDNESS to the table, that will erase the DARKNESS automatically. This is our duty to teach them.

Millions will join anonymously through our not-identifying distributed cloud networks

The creator of the Universes is behind this goal for the Earth through financial and instructional support.

I mean the God, the Unity, which is not Moslem, Hindu, Christian. The creator is the Unity. There exists just one God, one Unity, that wants to Unite people to rise to bring freedom and justice to all tortured and imprisoned animals on the Earth.

We will work together in Unity to rebuild a Vegan Earth.

Be warm hearted. It will happen.

Be patient. Be kind to non-vegans and educate them.


Be kind to non-vegans. They will learn.
Respect them, be kind and patient to them. Inform them about the facts with a smile, a real KIND smile
You TEACH them KINDNESS by being KIND to them
They are LEARNing to be KIND to our animal sisters and brothers.
KINDNESS, yes, else no.
It works only if you respect them and talk with them KINDLY.
This is what you want. You dont want revenge.
You want to convert them to a KIND person.
Therefore they leave our animal friends in peace in your absence.


Wish You Happiness

the Moses

03 Nov 2012


God believer Vegans (only) will own the Earth in 2019.
Estimated survival number after genocide of 2018 is very low. Learn. Be among them.
Fill the Churches, Mosques and Temples and learn faith for God and become Vegan.
Both conditions should apply or you will be killed.