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Vegan Earth, The Judgment Day.


Introduction from God

Quran 75/54-56 - This is serious. Indeed this is a reminder. Therefore anyone who wants will notice. And you will not notice unless God wants that you understand this. Those people have self control and forgiveness.

Introduction from Moses

Through the authority that is given to me, by God, I tell all Christians, Moslems and Jews, You should believe in all three books, Quran, Bible and Torah, but all those places in all three books that is mentioning any use or misuse of any animal, are cancelled. All humans on the Earth should become Vegan. We will enforce this by Death Penalty.

Vegan Earth is the new book of God. I also wrote a new chapter for Quran. That is chapter 115. Find it in the Vegan Earth book. Those who are intelligent enough to believe what I say are fine. Rest of you, wait for my global Miracles. If after global Miracles you do not become believer you will be killed in year 2018 and in Hell you will learn.

Three Global Miracles, Warning

19 Jun. 2018 - Miracle 1 - All butchers globally will be killed

15 Aug. 2018 - Miracle 2 - All hunters will be killed

11 Sep. 2018 - Miracle 3 - 380 corpse eaters in front of live TV will be decapitated in a Los Angeles restaurant

23 Sep. 2018 - Speech on Mt. Sinai - Chapter 115 of Quran

1 Oct. 2018 - Miracle 4 - Execution of Pope, Dalai Lama and 6 other clown clergy - details here

11 Oct. 2018 - The Judgment Day

Estimated Death is 6 to 7 Billion corpse eater humanoid demons

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Vegan or Dead, no other option
This is decided. This will be done

Good News

This is a clean restart. It is similar to the event of the global flood. Remember the Noah's Ship and Animals. We killed all humans with command of God. We did that for animals. If you have both of these conditions, you will survive and inherit the Earth. All other evil corpse eater humanoid demons will be killed.

1- You should have faith in God. Allah, Yahweh, Vishnu, Ahuramazda
2- You should be Vegan. You shouldn't eat animals. You shouldn't eat dairy products. You shouldn't use or misuse any animal for any reason. Excuses will not be accepted.


Messenger of the Yahweh, Creator of  Universes
Allah, Guide and Coach of the Universes
Vishnu in the form of Nataraj, Destroyer of Universes
The Unity, the Only One God that exists
God of Abraham PBUH, Moses (me), Jesus PBUH and Mohammad PBUH


Nov. 2012

Video introduction of the Book

Video and Description of the Book

11 Slides - 30 minutes Video

Front Cover of the Book:

Vegan Earth, The Judgment Day

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About the Book

Vegan Earth is the new Book of God, written by God and typed by Moses.

This book replaces Torah
This book updates Quran and Bible

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Why is it free? Because I receive my reward from God.

01. 1001 pages A4, 600 images
02. It is the Vegan Earth Manifesto
03. Vegan Activist Action Plans
04. Details of the Global Miracles
05. Details of the Judgment Day in 2018
06. Details of Cleaning the Earth
07. A long true story and some short stories
08. Theology
09. Seven Proofs of Existence of God
10. Add chapter 115 to Quran
11. Many Miracles in the book

Download the Book

Download the Book of God, FREE and Anonymous (registration is not required)

Back Cover of the Book

In this date, 11 Oct. 2018 seven billion humanoids, evil spirits from Hell who have possessed human bodies will be killed and sent back home, to hell. Demons kill animals. Demons eat corpse of animals. Demons will be punished. Demons came from hell and we send them back home, to hell.

Demons will receive education in Hell. This is an extremely painful education. Be Warned. This is the Judgment Day of God. I mentioned it as Moses 3300 years ago. Jesus mentioned it 2000 years ago. Jesus did not know the time. Mohammad mentioned it 1400 years ago. Mohammad did not know the time. It is in Quran. He said that. It is in Quran that only Moses knows the time. I know. God told me to tell you now. Proof of this from Quran is in chapter 115 of Quran and the book. Read and learn. Reject and we kill you.?

Book contains guidelines. It contains Theological, Philosophical and Scientific content related to the subjects of the stories. It contains a long story that started in 7000 BC and continued to my first appearance on the Earth as Moses in 1300 BC. Now I am here again as Moses to warn people about the Judgment Day.

Book contains a True Story. ?It is not Fiction. Two conditions should apply then you will survive. One, Belief in God and Two, Be a Vegan. That means you learned a simple lesson from Eleven Commandments that I brought for you from God. You should not kill any human animal or other animals. Those who violate the law will be executed.

Book contains many paintings that I created to accompany the Theological content to make it easier to digest and many Plans for Vegan Activists. we establish the Vegan Earth by Genocide. You like it or not, do not matter. This is plan of God. It is typed by the Moses, Messenger of God in 2012 to 2014. It is by direct communication with Yahweh, Allah, Vishnu, the Unity who is Creator of the Universes.

Vegan Earth Book contains many Miracles. I described some of them in different chapters. I also reported Miracles 1 and 2. Those miracles are Execution of 6 million butchers and hunters in year 2018. Global Miracle 3 is Decapitation of 380 humanoid corpse eaters in front of Live television in Los Angeles in year 2018. Exact dates, time and location are given to you.

            You are warned.

11 Commandments

1. Worship only God the Creator of Universes

2. Do not make idols, follow no one but God

3. Do not misuse name of God

4. 6 days work, 1 day Meditation, Worship God and rest

5. Respect your parents

6. Do not kill humans or ANIMALS

7. Sex only with your committed, faithful, wife or husband

8. Do not steal

9. Do not lie

10. Do not envy or desire possessions of others

11. You Should Be Vegan

There is only One God. God has many names. Yahweh, Allah, Vishnu, Ahuramazda … the Unity

  • Jesus was a man. He was Messenger of God
  • Mohammad was a man. He was Messenger of God
  • Moses is a man. He was (1300 BC) and now (2014 AD) Messenger of God

Any ignorant idol worshiper Christian, Moslem, Jew and Hindu says anything but above, will be killed similar as valueless atheists and will be sent to Hell.

11 Commandments
Will Be Enforced on the Earth
by Death Penalty since 11 Oct. 2018

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Download the Book (PDF, 92 MB, 1001 pages)

Download Index and Glossary (PDF, 2 MB, 47 pages)

Download the Book

Download the Book of God, FREE and Anonymous (registration is not required)

Download 80 Paintings

There are over 600 images and paintings in the Vegan Earth book.

More than 80 of paintings from the book are in this site: ArtMjestic.com

Have a look
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Conclusion from God

This word, “Taghoot” means, "All those who rebel against laws of God:

  • All governments of the Earth
  • Al politicians
  • All poets, writers, musicians, celebrities of Satan
  • Hollywood, Media, Newspapers, Magazines, TV and Radio stations
  • All who follow rules of this satanic society and break laws of God

Learn standards of God. They are in the Vegan Earth book.

Quran 39/17 - Those who reject “Taghoot”, do not follow and do not worship it, will return to God. For them there is good news. Give good news to servants of God.

This is not a business. Our associates never advertise or sell any product and never ask for donation.
This is an organization to UNITE and prepare all Vegans to establish the Vegan Earth.


God believer Vegans - only - will own the Earth in 2019.
Estimated survival number after genocide of 2018 is very low. Learn. Be among them.
Fill the Churches, Mosques and Temples and learn faith for God and become Vegan.
Both conditions should apply or you will be killed.


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