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How to add more voices for the Androids?

  1. Install these three.
  2. Do the number 4, below. (with a red star)
  3. It is all done. Refresh the web page of the Android and she talks (F5)
Plug-in to view the Robots (1 MB)
download sapi4 required for speech (0.7 MB)
tts-mary Additional Voices (2.3 MB)

Android works only with Internet Explorer. Also press F11, to see all page in full screen.

More voices (optional)

download LH 2 additional voices (2.5 MB)
download tts_pack 18 additional voices (7.4 MB)



(1) To install any program you need to have an administration password. If you have access to a computer at work and you do not have administration privileges under your user name then you need to get the administrator to install it.

(2) <temporary internet files> is the name of a folder that MS - internet explorer makes to keep its temporary files.

Delete these temporary internet files

Go to - start -settings - control panel - internet options and delete all temporary internet files

In different versions of MS-internet explorer it might be in different places. If you use (Netscape or Mozilla), go to edit - preferences - cache and empty the cache. The goal is to delete all files in the (temporary internet files) folder, or (cache folder) to start with a new reload of the web pages.

(3) If you install a new version of internet browser then you need to install the plug-in again, but you do not need to install the voice again.

(4) After you install the plug-in, it creates a folder in your program files. The executable program is here: start - program files - haptek player. Go to this folder and run this program: haptek SAPI config. After running this program, it detects all voices that are already installed on your computer. You can then test them and choose one of them as your default voice.

(5) There are many versions of Windows, ME, 95, 98, NT etc. In most cases you do not need a restart, but after installing all of the above programs (plug-in) and (SAPI) and (voices), it does not hurt to restart your computer. We have installed it on XP and 2000 and it did not need a restart, but we did not test it on ME or 95.

(6) Do not forget to empty internet temporary files and refresh the web page after installation. (REFRSH) means reloading the web page. In the internet explorer it is under the view menu - (view - refresh). If you do not refresh the page it is reading it from CAHCE. These are temporary internet files downloaded to your computer from the web server and browser is reading them from your hard disk, not from the web server.

(7) If all of the above do not work, install windows again. Windows has the habit of being corrupted after several months. It depends on what you do with your computer. If you install a lot of games and programs from hacker sites and KAZA and 1001 other places and un-install them and do this frequently, there is a high chance that your windows will become SICK and its DLLs will have been replaced with non-standard DLLs and that makes a problem for you. In this case, back-up all of your data and do a clean install and do not go to hacker sites any more!

(8) Be sure that you have also installed the driver of your 3D-video card.

Min system required: Pentium 166 MHz CPU -16 MB RAM, 21MB disk space- sound card - DirectX 6.0

Recommended system: Pentium 3 or above CPU - 32MB of RAM - 16-bit color video card - 3D hardware accelerator video card supporting Open GL and DirectX.

If you do all of the above and still have a problem, email us and describe it accurately, including: RAM, CPU, model and brand of the video card, operating system and accurate description of the problem.

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