Robots Specifications

Our Robots have access to:

106,000 English grammar rules

118,000 logical inference rules

203,000 nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs ...

Complete Natural Language Processing (you can talk to them by typing)

Voice input (you can talk to them with a microphone)

Natural voice (they talk with a human voice)

A 3D animated character of a human or a 3D model

Smooth animation and lip-synchronization

Four databases:

  • Grammar dbase
  • Logic dbase
  • Customer specific products and services dbase
  • Integrated with (SAP, SQL, Oracle, Access)

Robots can learn new content when you speak with them (real-time learning)

Robots learn instantly when content of the central data-base is updated (off-line learning)


  • Our Robots can speak these languages now: English, French, Italian, German, Korean, Chinese
  • They can learn any other language in two to three months
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