Our Robots

There are many programs that a graphics designer with at least six months practice can use to make 3D models.
Such as Maya, 3D Studio Max, Strata, Bryce, Daz ... there exist at least 30 of them.
Here we are not just making realistic 3D models.
This is 5% of the task.
We have a comprehensive, most complex, artificial intelligence engine that breaths life to them, and to our mechanical Robots. Although the following paragraphs might appear valiant, these claims are scientifically defendable and already been proved.

Nature of computational intelligence of our Robots

Creating a.i. algorithms that can connect to 3D models and bring intelligence to the equation is a complex task, it needs years of programming experience plus being trained in this field of computer science as a researcher and having done several small projects to have the confidence of starting this level of undertaking. Our team is formed by international experts. Some of our people are in Norway, Romania, CZ Republic, USA, China, ...

We have used results of the last half a century of research in different computer science fields. What Robot-Hosting has produced is unique in the planet Earth at this point of time and it stays unique in the next decade while we execute our R&D plans.

Here we are using Chaos theory, KNN algo, Neural Network algo, CBR algo, Epistemic Logic theorems and postulates. Subjects that are so complex that for understanding what we have already done a MSc. in computer science with major in AI and Logic is a pre-requisite. And above is not including the complex database, data storing and retrievals that are although main stream, but of a fairly complex nature.

Our Robots have:

  • Natural language processing ability (understanding 8 human languages)
  • Propositional and predicate logic reasoning engines
  • Epistemic logic reasoning engine
  • Common-sense reasoning engine
  • Database connectivity
  • Human emotions
  • Access to 203,000 words vocabulary and 106,000 logical reasoning rules

This is the result of the collective knowledge of human race of the last half a century, work of computer science researchers in the artificial intelligence fields.

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