Robot-Hosting designs, develops, markets, and hosts self-service Software Robots for business, academic, and public service organizations.

Robot-Hosting for Retail

Software Robots from Robot-Hosting transform both the online and in-store experience for shoppers. Their voice and movements display human-like qualities of intelligence and warmth on websites and in-store kiosks. They deliver real-time access to a retailer's databases on loyalty programs, stock levels, aisle locations, and today's best buys.

Robot-Hosting in Public

Software Robots are friendly guides that all of your visitors will rely on for information about your facility, its amenities, and current activities. They answer questions, guide the public to their destination, and increase awareness of what is available, and what is happening, in and around where they are currently standing.

Robot-Hosting for Learning

Software Robots are designed to give your students easy access to accurate course information over the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They perform teaching and administrative tasks associated with high-quality online learning courses.

Information for Everyone in Any Language

Software Robots interact in any language, and communicate information via audible, visual, tactile, and graphical methods, whatever suits the special needs of the visitor.

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