May 2007 in the

international Business and Education Conferences

Rick CLO, Bin Production Manager in Canada, Shahin, technical director and Alex, sales manager in LA, presented our intelligent Avatars, in the following business and education conferences recently in USA and Canada

1 National E-Learning Symposium
Alberta, Canada, November 2006

FETC, Florida Education and Technology Conference
Orlando, Florida, USA, January 2007


ATIA, Assistive Technology Industry Conference
Orlando, Florida, USA, January 2006


Calgary Teacher Conference
Calgary Canada, February 2007


Alberta Home Educators Conference
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, April 2007


BCED, British Columbia On-Line Education Conference
Vancouver BC April 2006

7 UCLA, University of Clifornia, Anderson Business School Yearly Conference, Shahin and Alex presented the intelligent Avatars. May 2006

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