When you talk with the Robots they keep a log of the conversation. Robot-Hosting might use these logs for statistical research. Although the Robots keep a record of the IP address of your computer at the time of contact, Robot-Hosting will not share any of the identifiable information with any third party.


There exist thousands of different types of businesses. Robot-Hosting can help any business by providing Robots for their use, except where they are directly or indirectly related to the categories of: Sex, Drugs or Violence to Humans or Animals.


SAPI and TTS that are used in the robots are the property of Microsoft. QuickTime is the property of Apple Computers. NLP is written with the AIML language of Dr. Wallace and parts of the language engine of the robots are the property of The vocabulary of the robots is from WordNet of the Princeton University. The logical reasoning engine that uses argumentation theory formulas and the epistemic logic part of the brain of the robots is written in Prolog language by Robot-Hosting. The three dimensional models are created with Haptek products and robots use their plug-in for web viewing. Some parts of the robots are their property. Any type of code, plugin or application in the download page of this site is free. Third party code is still the property of the relevant companies and are subject to their end-user license agreements. Clients and end users have the right to view the web pages served from the web servers of the Robot-Hosting with web browsers. Clients and end users do not have the right to reuse or reverse engineer the robots or parts of the robots in any way. Such an act will be considered as a violation of the international copyright law. After Robot-Hosting adds artificial intelligence and reasoning engines to the robots, they operate from their servers. If the client requires, robots can operate from other servers located in the client's premises and/or under the control of the end user. In this case a separate agreement regarding the legal issues is required to be signed between the Robot-Hosting and the end user, but while robots operate from Robot-Hosting servers, Robot-Hosting deals with the legal matters and the clients need not be concerned with any legal issues.

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