Epistemic Logic

The next version of our Robot will use Logic of Beliefs for Planning

Our present robots know Logical Reasoning using Propositional Logic and Natural Language Processing. They can also be equipped with this algorithm.

We are working on a project that creates an artificial intelligence program that uses Case-Based Planning (CBP). In a CBP cycle, there is a state known as an (Adaptation) for updating the knowledge-base. The simulated robot uses Predicate, Modal and Epistemic Logic Revision in the Adaptation state to solve inconsistencies that might exist in the solutions of its STRIPS planner.

Source code for this project is written in Prolog works under Unix

Screen shot of the program is here

An academic paper related to this project was published.

It was presented at the Wellington A.I. conference. (KES Sep. 2011)

We can send you the published paper, in fact we have published two papers and one book, you can google the technical director's name in the amazon and the web to find them.

This poster was designed to describe the concept. It also won the prize the Computer Science Department of the Unviersity of Auckland's competition (2003) and was printed in the yearbook (2011).

Click here for a high resolution file of above poster

Angela (the Robot) describes comprehensively the project, theory behind it and implementation process.

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When you are in the Robots page, find her. She looks like this:

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