Benefits for Schools

Some of the many ways our intelligent Avatars help educational organizations

  • more and better educated happier learners
  • less work pressure for teachers
  • cut costs
  • make more money now

Education has three important parameters




Our Androids help all of them

Your Organization
Your organization exists to make money. The more students you get to increase your revenue and the lower your delivery overhead the more money you make. Our intelligent avatars shall cause you to get more students.

Whereas before you had a certain cost of providing a limited number of faculty per student, you can now provide as many teachers as you have students in as many languages as you have students. We also eliminate all the challenges of managing a large faculty.

Bottom line
Using our intelligent avatars your organization can make 1000 times more enrollment and 1000 times more money with an unlimited number of multi lingual teachers who get no salary.

Your Teachers
Your teachers may find some parts of the job tedious or repetitious. Giving and grading assignments, assessments, marking, hundreds of repetitive questions. Our intelligent avatars can more efficiently handle all those leaving your teachers to be more productive with their time. This can result in better quality and course content. Your happier teachers will have more time and less work.

Your Students
You will get more content students who have unlimited personalized access to the intelligent avatars and they will be quicker and better educated.

Many students in a classroom do not get the individual attention they need to learn properly. They may be too shy or not have the time to ask questions.

Your students can ask as many questions as they want as often as they want in the way they need to ask them to understand fully. Moreover our intelligent avatars will keep answering in the specific ways to stimulate your students to achieve the outcomes they desire.

In addition, our intelligent avatars can continually describe for your students in different individualized ways including examples and pictures and interactive hands on content.

Your students may currently have access to their teacher 2 hours a day two times a week. With our intelligent avatars your students have their own personal teacher and they learn more and are getting more value for their enrollment fee.

Your student may miss classes or get sick and your human teacher may not be able to repeat. Our intelligent avatars are available 24/7 to repeat the information needed as many times as the student needs.

Your learner may not be first language English and your teachers may only speak a few languages. Our multi lingual intelligent avatars can speak whichever language your students speak.

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