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Process: Choose the Painting you like. Call 0064 22 60 65 671. It will be printed, framed and send in 3 days.

Size: A0 - 84 cm x 1100 cm - 33 x 46 in

Frame: There are many types of frames. Choose the frame that you like. Here__and__Here

Price: $US 25,000

Post: Worldwide Post and Packaging cost included


A Certificate of Authenticity with the sign of Moses will be issued for each painting.

This is a printed Paper plus a USB memory stick.

The computer code in the memory stick uses a 256-bit army-grade encryption code.

Authenticity and Uniqueness are guaranteed by a complex algorithm using Cryptography mathematics.


  • Paintings are printed on special acid-free Canvas.
  • UV protection spray will be added.
  • Frame with glass will be added.

Printer company has decades of experience. A courier specialized in delivering Art worldwide will deliver the product. It will be signature required. Signature for delivery is verified by the template you send us through the web.

Link to the Printer company (PCL Imaging) Here
Link to the Courier company (Pack Send) Here


Investment Opportunity

Each painting is printed and sold only four times in the whole history. We have put the paintings online Free for all humans in the future generations. However, only four prints will receive the Certificate of Authenticity with the signature from Moses. A few decades later, selling these paintings will buy a house for your children.

That is because of the signature of the painter. Learn more in the Book, Holy Vegan Earth.

Do your research first Vegan-Religion.org

Good Deed

All revenue is allocated for InternationalAnimalRights.com

With this money, an Animal Sanctuary will be built.

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Click the Buy Now Button. You will go to the Secure Financial site, Paypal. You will pay $US 25,000 by Paypal. Only PayPal knows your credit card number. Then Contact us and tell us which Painting and which Frame you like. It will be prepared and sent in 3 business days. Robot-Hosting Ltd is our registered company in New Zealand since 2004 and you will receive the receipt from PayPal under this name.

Contact Information

Use the form in this website to send a message. InternationalAnimalRights.com

We check messages only when a text message reminder is received. 0064 22 60 65 671


Use the form in this website to send a message: InternationalAnimalRights.com

We check messages only when a cell phone text message reminder is received.

Address: 453e Mt. Eden Road, Auckland, New Zealand HeidelbergGallery.com

Phone: 0064 22 60 65 671

Map: http://robot-hosting.com/lion/address.html