Question: How many people in this classroom eat meat, eggs, milk, or cheese?

Question: How many people know what a Holocaust is?

      Definition of Holocaust- A massacre of beings.

What is a Vegan?

Vegans do not consume meat (no land animals-no marine animals), eggs, milk, or dairy products.

Vegans also do not use leather, silk, or down or any product derived from an animal.

A Few Facts:

53 billion land animals are slaughtered worldwide for food each year.

90 billion marine animals are killed each year.

10 billion animals in the United States are killed each year for food.

#1 Killer of humans who choose to eat meat is heart disease.

65% of the worlds grains are set aside to feed land animals instead of starving people,

Eliminate cholesterol entirely from your diet by adopting a vegan diet.

Question: Can slavery have a victim that is not human?

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